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The Haddon Institute Research Journal (HIRJ) aims to offer rigorous scholarship that equips readers to apply a robust biblical worldview. The HIRJ includes research articles, essays, and books reviews written by staff, students, and other academics. We hope these resources will bless you and your ministry.

Values and Integrated Tasks

The HIRJ will accomplish its purpose by publishing original research that bridges the gaps between three values: proclaiming Christ, promoting rigorous scholarship, and equipping local churches. The integration of these three values leads to three integrated tasks: advance Christian wisdom, cultivate informed apologetics, and mobilise missional fellowship.


In keeping with the Vision and Mission of the Haddon Institute, the HIRJ will advance Christ’s kingdom through rigorous scholarship that is evangelical, confessional, and missional.


June 2024

Haddon Institute Research Journal

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Authors: Dr. Joel Beeke, Craig Ireland, Aaron Kelley, Dr. Jo de Blois, Dr. Geoff Chang, Hannah Phillips

Editors: Craig Ireland, Aaron Kelley, Keith Sanga

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