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Christ-centred education firmly rooted in the heritage of the Reformed tradition.

Our vision is to see the Australian Church fear and behold the majesty of the Lord Jesus Christ in all of His offices, through all of His means, to the end of His glory from generation to generation.



Heritage focused

Haddon has profoundly shaped both my academic and personal life. With a renewed confidence in my theological convictions, I've been enabled to go to war with the lies of the world.

Zacchary Puckeridge, Haddon Student

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Carrying forward the torch of Reformed education

Our mission is to enlist, equip, and disciple God’s people via robust academic pathways, through the local church, for fruitful vocation and family life, leading to effective gospel mobilisation.

Founded in November 2023
Acquired facilities in April 2024

All Glory be to Christ the King!
His blessings are innumerable.

Reformed Confessionalism

Haddon Institute is an esteemed academic institution rooted in the Reformed tradition and guided by confessional principles.

While we deeply appreciate all major Reformed Confessions, our closest alignment is with the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith (1689), which we embrace as a faithful and comprehensive summary of vital biblical teachings.

Puritan Piety

Haddon Institute is committed to forming godly minds and hearts that connect rigorous doctrine with radiant doxology. We follow our Puritan forebears by emphasising experiential piety in our life and doctrine.

Spurgeonic Mission

Haddon Institute is focused on strategic mobilisation for maximum gospel impact. We accomplish this by nurturing individuals who embody wisdom, virtue, and a profound comprehension of their Christian faith.

Following the missional ethic of Charles Spurgeon, we aim to equip students to make a transformative difference in the world by bringing glory to God through their family, vocation, and local church.

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Haddon Institute seeks students who have the desire to attend a tertiary institution that champions the Christian worldview.

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Deeper Understanding

Systematise Scripture

Learn to systematise the Bible and its teachings for a consistent, richer interpretation and understanding.

Solidify Worldviews

Learn to defend and articulate a Christian worldview in a postmodern world.

Expository Teaching

No wish-washy preaching

Receive a robust education in expository teaching and preaching that will equip you to teach the Bible with clarity and conviction.

The truth revealed

Learn to teach the Bible in a way that is faithful to the text and relevant to the modern world.

Online Access

Student Portal

Access all your course materials, assignments, and grades online through our custom built student portal.

Lecture Recordings

Missed a lecture? No problem. All lectures are recorded and available online for you to watch at your convenience.


Work towards a degree

We are working diligently to ensure that our courses are accredited so that you can use your work at Haddon as credit towards a degree in theology.

Masters of Theology

Our partnership with PRTS has allowed us to offer a Masters of Theology course designed to help you take your learning to a higher level.

Engaging Culture

Haddon Institute is dedicated to equipping this generation to actively engage culture, empowering them to navigate a future filled with purpose, all for the glory of Christ and the extension of His kingdom.

Legacy Building

Haddon Institute builds legacy by developing missional leaders and innovative thinkers, transmitting faith, knowledge, and wisdom with the utmost excellence and scholarly rigour.

Haddon Institute LogoHaddon Institute

Our vision is to see the Australian Church fear and behold the majesty of the Lord Jesus Christ in all of His offices, through all of His means, to the end of His glory from generation to generation.

936 Stanley Street East
East Brisbane, 4169
Queensland, Australia


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