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Theology for Worldview

This 6-week course aims to equip students with a comprehensive overview of Christian theology and worldview, as well as its relevance for today.


6 weeks, 6 hours per week.


In person and online learning




Credit toward future Bachelors Degree.

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Total cost

AUD $720

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Next intake

Now May, 2024

"Critiquing presuppositions that undergird worldviews."

Worldview for theology or theology for worldview?

What is a worldview? How do we examine worldviews and critically understand them to advance Christ’s kingdom? This course will equip students to provide an effective defense of the Christian worldview as well as critique opposing worldviews for the purpose of proclaiming the gospel as loving neighbours to those around us.


"A deep dive into theology itself and what the Bible says about it."

The Consequences Of Ideas Book Cover

Exploring the Consequences of Ideas

Ideas do not simply exist in a vacuum. They affect people and the way they live. To understand the impact of ideas, students will investigate the thought of past philosophers with the help of one of the greatest Reformed authors of the 21st century: R.C. Sproul.

"We have to determine our theology from the Word of God, not from what we feel."

R.C. Sproul


What is theology?

Everyone has a theology. The question is whether that theology arises from critical examination or from uncritically absorbing the views of the surrounding culture. In this course, students will explore what the Bible says about theology and how it instructs us about who God is and how we must live in light of His revelation.

"Interpreting the word of God fairly and faithfully."

About the Lecturer

Craig Ireland is an accomplished church planter and best-selling author with an extensive track record of equipping tens of thousands of church planters and ministry leaders all over the world. He has pastored churches in Australia and the United States and has conducted mission trips across the globe, including to high-risk areas. He is currently conducting doctoral studies with a focus on the ministry of Charles Spurgeon.

Craig Ireland

"To know is not to be wise. To know how to use knowledge is to have wisdom."

Charles Spurgeon

Is there an order of theological priority?

Many Christians have a single favourite Bible verse or attribute of God without understanding the orderly way God has revealed himself. This course will help students recognise the canonical ordering of God’s revelation, as well as how to prioritise primary doctrines over secondary or tertiary ideas.


A deeper comprehension of philosophy

This course brought my understanding and analysis of worldview to a completely new level. The course solidifyied my understanding on the foundations of a Christian worldview, which then filtered through to my approach on evangelism. “The Consequences of Ideas” by RC. Sproul provided a deeper comprehension of philosophy, while Craig’s effective Lecture styles used this to engage us in greater knowledge of the God who created the universe. I look forward to studying further with the Haddon Institute.

Sophie Tamehana

Haddon Student

Shook my understanding of the world

Theology for Worldview deeply shook my understanding of the world, how I interpret it and how we should be operating within it as Christians. It's helped me to understand the importance of theology in all worldviews, and how we can use it to engage with the world around us. Following the course completion, I'm more confident in my ability to exegete God's word, share the Gospel with those around me, and defend it.

Zacchary Puckeridge

Haddon Student

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